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Course - Getting Started

Your Starter Guide to CFD Trading with BlackStone Futures

The Entire Training Series can also be found here:

Step 1: (11 Articles + 3 Platform Videos)
At the end of the series you should have a good understanding of Meta Trader 4 (MT4) & CloudTrade to make an educated decision when it comes to platform choice.

Part 2: (25+ Articles & Videos)
After this session you will have a much broader understanding of how the markets work, how to implement indicators alongside price action.

Part 3: (20+ Articles)
Motivational and Inspirational content with tips and useful information to improve your trading!

Part 4: Ready to Start Trading! Here are some tools to assist you.
These tools can assist you with when to stay out of the market as well as which direction might be heading based on other retail traders.

Once you have worked through the entire series you are more than welcome to schedule a call for a one-on-one session to answer any questions you may have.